Experience with the repair of M.I.Hummel, Lladro, Royal Doulton and more


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Most pieces we see are not damaged this badly. The available pieces are bonded together and then all cracks are filled and missing pieces, such as chips, fingers, hands etc. are fabricated and put in place. Once the item is structurally sound and all detailing such as finger nails, feathers, etc. is reestablished, the item is redecorated.

All colors in the damaged areas are matched perfectly and the designs recreated across the broken areas, paying strict attention to the original artist's methods. The item is then glazed to return it to its original beauty. Hence the term "Invisible Restoration".

Before and After Photos

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Every Family has prized possessions that are passed from generation to generation. Often, these heirlooms are hidden away in atics or at the back of cupboards and closets because they have been damaged in their many years of service. The China & Crystal Clinic can restore these items to their original beauty, so they can be displayed with pride for many years to come.